Robo-Geek's  STEM Camps are coding & robotics camps for kids, where they learn C#, Java , Python and C with experienced engineers.


2 CAMPS   $400
3 C​AMPS   $550
4 CAMPS   $700​

Robo-Geek was founded in 2015 by Omar Silva-Fulchi and his daughter Karen Wonders and son Omar Silva-Zapata; three engineers who want to make a difference in education and would like to foster students confidence and "I CAN DO IT" attitude.​

We are excited to start our new facility in Brampton. Our School Workshops, Sanbot Elf, STEM and Robotics Clubs are keeping students on the cutting edge of technology. 

robo-geek Mission, vision, values

Our mission is to provide high quality courses and programs for young minds in Programming, Electronics and Robotics.

Our  vision  is to educate the future leaders, enhancing their creativity, leadership, and thinking outside the box with the " I can do it " principle and attitude.

ROBO-GEEK  values are respect, integrity, quality of service, and commitment to excellence

​​What we offer:

  • Great flexibility. We work with parents and teachers to fit their life-style and schedule.
  • One catch up session. If our student misses a class, we will organize a catch up class at no extra cost.
  • We teachthe fundamentalsand encourage self learning.
  • A unique labs that helps students grasp complex concepts. 
  • We communicatewith parents weekly and respond to their inquiries promptly.
  • One learning station per student.
  • Our unique labs  will make learning enjoyable and encourage kids creativity and problem solving.

Unleash YOUR kid potential in Robotics Coding!

think outside the box  !

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our programs    

Robo-Geek  offers courses for young minds and Teens in Coding, Electronics and Robotics.

The program includes hands-on work with computers, electronic boards, robots and unique labs where students's imagination will be unleashed.

Robotics Coding in Summer Camps with robots for kids using Arduino