Course Duration : 6 classes

 Class Duration    :  55 mins/each

 Tuition                : $125.25 per 6 classes  

 Milton: 2019:      September 7 - October 12 2019

Now accepting registrations every Saturday for entry level courses

 Brampton 2019:  Now Accepting registrations every Saturday,  Wednesday and Thursday.

The course schedules are detailed in the registration forms after you click the respective button. 

 We accept registration in between sessions. Contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

​​Hundreds of students have taken our courses in Coding, Electronics and Robotics. We have evaluated carefully what students like and listened to parents feedback in order to improve our curriculum.

This summer we have been working very hard and have upgraded our lab equipment, purchased brand new robots and revised all our courses to ensure the best possible student experience.

Moreover we communicate with parents and students and issue report cards every session. Additional material will be accessible for students to continue learning at home with optional home-work for those who would like extra challenges at no extra cost.

What course should I sign up my kid to?​

There are 4 levels offered at Robo-Geek in our Milton and Brampton locations. Each level offers a balanced curriculum for students to experience both hardware (robotics) and software (coding). We have designed the courses in such a way that students will learn to integrate knowledge while gradually introducing terminology and theory.​ For more information, click the 
red button for detail information.

How do I register my kids?

It's easy. First select location you are interested, select course and preferred time, answers a few questions and pay online. Click on the 
blue buttons.

For more information refer to our FAQ below (green button) or contact us at

Robotics Coding in Summer Camps with robots for kids using Arduino