1 CAMP     $180

2 CAMPS   $350

3 C​AMPS   $500

4 CAMPS   $600

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Robo-Geek Camps:
In this week students will learn 2 days of Robotics and 3 days of Coding & Electronics ; students do not require any previous knowledge of coding or robotics for these camps.
In some weeks we have only STEM Coding for 3 days or 2 days of STEM Robotics.
We provide one laptop and one  robot per two students.

STEM Summer Camps: (Registration is in place)

Summer  camps will be offered in 2 locations: Milton and Brampton.

​ In Type 1 Camp, students will learn Java and Android Studio to make Apps on Android tablets

• In type 2 Camp, students will learn Python, Pygame and Anaconda to make games and an introduction to driverless car.
• In Type 3 Camp students will learn C# (C Sharp) with Visual Studio 2017 to make a Bingo Game.
• In Types 4,5, and 6 students will learn C with Arduino board. 

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Robotics Coding in Summer Camps with robots for kids using Arduino