Robo-Geek offers school workshops for students and teachers in Coding, Electronics and Robotics for Grades 3-12.

Robo-Geek will work with educators to design the perfect workshop. We have plenty material as a result of our continuous drive to develop with new technologies.

Robo-Geek offer a variety of workshops, to name a few:

Our instructors are highly qualified and professional. Our prices are extremely competitive. For more information, please contact us at

Coding workshops in Visual C#, Python, C or Java Script.

Robotics workshopsin Arduino, Raspberry Pi, EZ-robots and more.

STEM workshops with hands-on activities.

Available workshops (G1-8):

RG-STEM-01: Bridge Design G 1-4 
RG-STEM-02: RPI (Raspberry PI)    G 5-8
RG-STEM-03: Solar System G 6,7
RG-STEM-04: Turing Machine G 6-8
RG-STEM-05: Gravity G 4-6
RG-STEM-06: Intro to Electricity G 6-8
RG-STEM-07: Neural Networks G 7 & 8
RG-STEM-08: Self Driving Cars G 7 & 8
RG-STEM-09: Intro to Robotics G 5, 6, 7, 8
RG-STEM-10: Intro to Coding G 1-4
RG-STEM-11: Intro to Python G 5-8
RG-STEM-12: Intro to Arduino G 5-8
RG-STEM-13: Mini Factory G 7 & 8
RG-STEM-26: Combo Coding  G 5-8

Available workshops (9-12):

RG-STEM-04:Turing Machine    G 9 & 10
RG-STEM-15: Electricity + Arduino   G 9 & 10
RG-STEM-16: Neural Networks Advanced  G 9-12
RG-STEM-17: Self Driving Cars Advanced  G 9-12
RG-STEM-18: Computer Vision with Python  G 9-12
RG-STEM-19: Manufacturing Workshop  G 11,12
RG-STEM-20: Internet of Things  G 9-12
RG-STEM-21: Introduction to Java  G 9-12
RG-STEM-24: Android Studio G 9-12
RG-STEM-25: Introduction to C# G 9-12

Robotics Coding in Summer Camps with robots for kids using Arduino