Robotics Coding in Summer Camps with robots for kids using Arduino

Robo-Geek is very proud to present our newest product especially designed for those enthusiastic students who want to enter the world of Robotics. What better way to start but with an Arduino Nano compatible kit. The Robo-Geek Arduino Nano compatible kit includes 8 online wonderful tutorials that will walk you step by step through the process. From understanding how Arduino works to advance tutorials using the HCSR04 sensor and TFT 1.44 lcd screen.

How do I purchase one? 

If you are a Robo-Geek customer, please send us an e-mail with an e-transfer, and pick it up in our Milton or Brampton location. Cost is $50 + tax = $56.50.

If you are not a Robo-Geek customer and would like us to mail you one. No problem. Send us an e-mail and an e-transfer for $67.8 (includes shipping and tax).

Where do I find the tutorials?

Limited supplies.